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What is it?

World-class Workplace is an excellence-in-employership label awarded to high performing organizations once a year. It is not for sale and is based solely on the opinion of employees.

After conducting a company-wide scan of their workforce, an organization’s results are compared to Effectory’s highly reliable benchmarks for employership. Only those who outperform the benchmarks are awarded the label, and the best performing in different regions and industries receive special accolades at our yearly World-class Workplace awards show.

This label is how organizations can demonstrate to current and future talent that they’re a truly great employer.

World-class Workplace is presented by Effectory, Europe’s leading provider of employee listening solutions. We believe that listening to feedback helps companies to grow, reach their goals, and engage their employees. We founded World-class Workplace to celebrate organizations who are dedicated to their people.

Why become a World-class Workplace?

Good employership deserves recognition. And this good quality mark, based 100% on employee feedback, is the best way to celebrate commitment to employees.

Employer branding

Employer branding

Stand out in a competitive marketplace. Show the talent that you need to retain and attract that yours is the right organization for them.

Improve your workplace

Improve your workplace

Performing the survey as part of a wider employee listening strategy is a great way to utilize the power of feedback to improve an organization.

HR gets data

HR gets data

By receiving top box eNPS and employership scores, HR can analyze how its organization compares to the competition.

The best workplaces

These organizations have proven to be World-class Workplaces and have earned the quality mark. Discover which companies lead the way.

World-class Workplace organizations

This is what makes a World-class Workplace

Grupo Catalana Occidente was awarded the best performing global organization with over 1,000 employees in 2022. Here, the team discuss what it’s like to be a World-class Workplace and how they achieved this recognition.

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How to earn the label

All organizations can perform the scan. This is powered by Effectory’s easy to use platform which complies with the toughest privacy laws, promises anonymity to respondees, and features an intuitive analytics dashboard.

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